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The Art of Branding and The Design Language: My Altitude

We discuss the branding and the overall design language for a client’s new company, the concept involved a new online community lead by world class instructors, focusing on Health, Fitness, & Fun.


My Altitude – Our Contribution

Our client came to us with a specific concept they called My Altitude, we were tasked with creating a proof-of-concept and the basic premise of the company was this: Many of the world’s most renowned ski and snowboarding resorts employ the most skilled instructors who were also owners or employees of nearby workout facilities. Many of them were certified for personal training, nutrition, and sports conditioning and lived at these world class facilities year round. My Altitude would recruit these instructors to lead an online community, using video, photography, and their knowledge of sports and fitness to help other enthusiasts online. Members of this community, beginners and experts alike, would have access to topics ranging from snowboarding and skiing to weight training and nutrition, from running and mountain biking to aerobics and yoga. Health, Fitness, & Fun.


The gallery below takes you through the creation of the brand elements, the design language of the interface design, and the final conceptual mock-ups for the web application that would be the online community of My Altitude.


My Altitude – Project Gallery


On screens 1, 2, and 3 we try and articulate what goes into our branding decisions, and how the individual pieces come together to create a brand and a campaign. On screens 4 through 7, we created a series of mock-ups to illustrate what that campaign might look like, highlighting the different seasons and year long capabilities of the My Altitude service.


Screen 8 really represents the core concept of a design language, showing all the design elements at 100% of their the proper size, revealing their true detail. Screens 9 through 15 illustrate the full interface of the service, showing the value of the design language when every element is working together to contribute to the branded experience for the benefit of the company and the user. These screens also show how we worked with our client to mock-up and conceptualize every possibility of the service. From an online store and help files to a calendar system and search mechanism.


Our client, based in Sun Valley, Idaho, is still a long time resident of that prestigious resort, and was hopeful of expanding the My Altitude service to Breckenridge, Park City, Aspen, and Lake Placid. We understand this may still be a possibility, and we are hopeful for their eventual success, good luck guys!


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Mar 14, 2011
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