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Eco-Conscious Brand & Print Materials Created for NJ Green Plumbing

NJ Green Plumbing, a long-time friend, contracted Santoriello Studios to create a Brand for their new Eco-Conscious Plumbing company. We got started crafting an original, thoughtful solution.


NJ Green Plumbing – Our Contribution

Santoriello Studios helped create the NJ Green Plumbing brand from the very beginning, helping to name the company with an available domain name, write the headline & informative copy, select the proper printed materials needed for marketing & sales to potential customers, and finally on to creating the main concept, artwork, and typography of the final logo.


NJ Green Plumbing – Project Gallery


We agreed on a concept quickly with simple sketches and worked to refine the illustration. Although, water and plant life are often seen together in eco-conscious concepts, we thought ours would be unique, adding more realism, and being more compelling to look at. As it turned out, we are very proud of the illustration, it has dozens of complex gradients and opacity masks, and it was all hand crafted in Adobe Illustrator, making it resolution-independent, capable of printing the size of a city bus without any loss of detail.


After completing the main illustration, we worked to select a proper font for company name in the logo. We wanted something semi-traditional, not too modern, but bold. We think the beauty of the graphic and the statesmanship of the typeface work very well together. Once the logo was completed, we got busy designing all the supporting materials and made sure they were printed properly: Business Cards, Letterhead, Car Magnets, T-shirts, and creative for a small micro-website. We are told from our friends at NJ Green Plumbing, that the additional content the website needs is in the process of being drafted and finalized for us to add in when ready. Overall, we think we were successful, creating a brand that appeals to consumer households and/or commercial property owners.


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Mar 15, 2011
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