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Our Favorite Digital Tools for Healthy Geeks

You’re at a restaurant. You open the menu and you’re presented with tons of delicious choices. But, swimsuit season is upon us and you’re counting calories. What should you order? How many calories did you eat already? How many calories can you eat and lose weight?


Oh yes, there’s an app that. Or should we say, there are thousands of apps for that, and more. You can stream workout videos over your iPhone. You can track your runs with your phone’s GPS. There’s an ex British Military instructor who will train you on your iPhone. You can even read great nutrition and exercise tips on Facebook. We love the digital age :) . Check out our full line-up of recommended iPhone apps and brands to follow on Facebook below.


Calorie Counters & Food Tracking


Calorie Count (Free)
We use their website to log our meals, but the app is great for tracking food on the go, and it syncs with the website data. You can plug in your own recipes and obtain their nutritional value, or select foods from their robust database. The app provides a detailed nutritional analysis of what you’ve eaten, and how many calories you should consume if you want to lose weight. You can even track your workouts.


Lose It (Free)
This is another great app with a companion website. The interface is more graphical than Calorie Count, but Calorie Count lets you do a bit more customization, like setting daily targets for specific nutrients. You can create recipes or select foods from a database and view how many calories you’ve consumed. You can also track your exercise.


My Fitness Pal (Free)
This is an awesome app and website. Their food database is huge, and everything is customizable. We would start using this tool today if we hadn’t invested months of time and energy into Calorie Count (which we still heart). You should really check this out if you’re on the market for a calorie counter and meal tracking tool.


Exercise Routines & Logging


ExerciseTV (Free)
If you like variety, this may be the app for you. Each day, ExerciseTV gives you a new, free workout video you can play right on your iPhone. The videos range from 10 to 45 minutes in length, and you never know what you’re going to get next. The app also includes a bunch free circuit training videos.


Fitness Pro (Free)
If you’re a beginner or intermediate weight lifter, this is a great app for you. The app allows you to search from 450+ exercises by body part. Each exercise is presented with both descriptive text and photos instructing you on how to complete the move. You can also log the exercises you complete each day, including reps and weight. Well done.


iMapMyRUN (Free)
This app uses GPS to track your run’s distance, duration and pace. They’ve also included social media aspects that allow you to tweet your run results and find friends currently running in your area. They sell a version of this app for $4.99 that includes iPod integration and photo tagging, but the free version is pretty sweet.


British Military Instructor ($4.99)
If you want to have your workout outdoors, and have a former British military instructor train you, look no further. This app lets you chose the intensity, duration and focus of your workout, and it generates unique session for you based on your preferences. It also has built-in fitness tests and logs all your information for historical purposes.


Cyclemeter GPS ($4.99)
This app isn’t free, but it is most excellent. Cyclemeter records your ride’s distance, time, average speed and calories burned. It stores the history of your rides on a calendar, and it lets you store your bike routes. It even tracks the elevation of the terrain you ride.


Full Fitness ($.99)
Full Fitness is the next generation of the old iFitness app. It’s very similar to the free Fitness Pro app, but includes instructional videos that guide you through each exercise. Not bad for $.99.


Health & Fitness Brands to Follow on Facebook


We follow a bunch of health and fitness brands on Facebook every day. They provide valuable tools, recipes and tips for those interested in healthy living, and we’re sure there are more good brands on Facebook to follow.


To make it easy for us to consume all of their info, we setup a “Health” friends list in Facebook that allows us to filter our newsfeed to only show updates from these brands. See this post to learn how to setup your own filters in Facebook.


Health and fitness brands we follow on Facebook include:


Ashley Koff, ExerciseTV, Fit Sugar, Fitness Magazine, Flex Magazine, Health Magazine, Men’s Health, Muscle & Fitness, Muscle & Fitness Hers, Self Magazine, That’s Fit, Women’s Health Magazine


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