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A Beautiful Vacation Rental In Hawaii Gets Its Own Website!

When you have a beautiful vacation home in Hawaii, and you need to market your property to potential vacationers, what should you do? Call our studio to create a custom, animated website!


SeaMountain Resort – Our Contribution

The first part of this project was developing the concept. We brainstormed a few ideas and decided a “Postcard” concept would work best, and the client agreed. Once the concept was approved, we began to develop the look and feel, as well as the animation of a black felt marker. The second part of the project was a technical challenge. Our client wanted the flexibility to change all the text and images, and to manage the content themselves. We collected the photography and the rest of the assets, and started to create the system for the client to maintain the content.


SeaMountain Resort – Project Gallery


We decided that an Adobe Flash based site would work best. It allowed us to create animation rather easily, and an overall slick presentation. Additionally, it enabled us to import text files and photos when the site first loaded, allowing the client to manage and change the content at will.


We knew the photography the client provided from Hawaii would be attractive, but it turned out most of the photos were stunning. We decided to rework the photo section of the site to have photos cover the entire website interface and be viewed as large as possible, with the user clicking the large image to return to the main interface of the website.


Although it was a simple site with seven small sections, the overall design and flow of the presentation still makes us proud. You can view the site here. We continue to get calls or an email from the client every view months telling us that the site continues to made a difference in their rental sales. One of these days, we will make it out to Hawaii, and take them up on their offer to use the property.


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Mar 12, 2011
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