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Recommend Your Favorite Places on Facebook

Facebook recently launched a new sidebar “Recommendations” module on brand pages that are associated with a physical location. What does this mean? You can now recommend your favorite places right on Facebook, and help promote your favorite hangouts.


Sweet. How do I do it?

Find your favorite restaurant, bar, salon, etc. on Facebook. If they’re associated with a physical location, you’ll see something like the image to the right of this copy on the top right-hand section of their page.


Go ahead and write your recommendation in the text box. Before you click the Recommend button that will appear once you start typing, you have the option to make your recommendation visible to everyone who views that Facebook page, just your friends, or a custom group of Facebook users. Once you set your recommendation’s visibility, click the Recommend button.


All recommendations you write on Facebook will go out to your friends through the News Feed. Owners of the Facebook pages cannot delete recommendations they do not like…however, they can hide “bad” recommendations from users that visit their page who are not your friends.


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Jul 20, 2011
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