Santoriello Studios 2000 to 2012
This is a historical version of our website, documenting the projects we created for our clients from 2000 to 2012. Please visit for more current information about our studio. Thanks :)
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The story of our agency is the culmination of our journey: acquiring skills, strategic experience, and industry knowledge. Our studio is uniquely qualified to help today’s small businesses participate in, and benefit from, the fast moving social media-verse.


Our Unique Story
The team at Santoriello Studios has been intimately immersed in all levels of technology for two decades. We’ve built the products, we’ve designed the services, we’ve managed the projects, we’ve measured their success, and we’ve reaped the rewards – valuable experience. We are not a new company seeking to exploit the new social media trends. In fact, social media itself is the culmination of technological progress going back years. The acceleration and miniaturization of hardware, the greater sophistication of software that is easier to use, this is what makes social media possible. It is not a fad, after years progress, it is the reward. And because our studio has been on the front lines of this long journey, we are uniquely qualified to help your company participate in, and benefit from, the fast moving social media-verse.


Our Philosophy
We’re a group of over-achievers and revolutionaries. We believe “good” isn’t good enough, and almost anything is possible in this digital age. We think our work is fun, and apply passion, creativity and cutting-edge technology to every project. We think strategically and deliver big ideas to grow our clients’ business. We’re forward thinking and may not always play it safe – but we always play it smart.


Our Commitment
We’re committed to excellence. Our goal is to deliver every project flawlessly – on time and on budget, while exceeding the expectations of our clients. We believe a project is not complete once it’s in-market. We then measure the results, make improvements and measure again – ensuring consumers are moved to act. We will always work with integrity and strive for 110% client satisfaction.


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Feb 26, 2011
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