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Our Studio Brought Synergy Online, And Into The Social Media-verse

We quickly realized that Synergy knew their craft of Physical Therapy very well, with many loyal patients. We developed a strategy that conveyed our observations into Synergy’s online content.


Synergy – Our Contribution

Our goal for the website was to focus on recruiting new patients. Our strategy to accomplish this was to illustrate Synergy’s vast knowledge of the human body, physical therapy, and sports training. Additionally, our strategy was to highlight the numerous patients that were and are loyal and satisfied customers. And finally, we wanted Synergy’s current and potential patients to know they would be connected with Synergy’s latest news and updates via blog posts and a Facebook Brand Page.


With the strategy agreed upon, we started the project by reevaluating the Synergy brand. The original branding done for Synergy was produced by a ‘Logos-R-Us’ type service, but it had some promise as we see on screen 9 below. Using the original design, we refreshed the Synergy brand into a memorable, more attractive visual that is meant to be the instrumental design element in all branding materials, as seen in the new logo on screen 1.


Synergy – Project Gallery


Once the branding was finalized, we circled back to the content strategy for the website. To illustrate Synergy’s knowledge to potential patients, we worked with Synergy to create a list of their physical therapy services, their sports training services, their treatment equipment, and their treatment machines. We then tasked Synergy to write detailed explanations of all the individual items from each list.


The Synergy Website – (Link)
Viewing these on the website not only helped potential patients understand the basic Synergy offering, it also clearly conveyed Synergy’s vast understanding of the human body, physical therapy, and sports training. Our studio ensured each detailed explanation was also visually documented. We visited the Synergy facility several times, and with help of the Synergy staff, we took photos of Synergy’s people, the offices, the treatment equipment, the treatment machines, and some physical therapy in action.


The Synergy Facebook Brand Page – (Link)
Highlighting patient testimonials for Synergy is designed to be an ongoing and cumulative content strategy. We developed special forms for patients to fill out, documenting their testimonials for Synergy. And because our studio produced the Synergy website using a Content Management System, anyone at Synergy can add a new patient testimonial to the website, at any time. We can see the testimonial section on the website on screen 6. Our strategy, over time, will allow Synergy to highlight dozens & dozens of testimonials to potential patients.


Synergy’s Custom Facebook Tab – (Link)
The patient testimonials are also a critical piece of the content strategy for the Facebook Brand Page. Using our Content Distribution System, we created a custom tab on the Synergy Facebook page that repurposed the 5 most recent patient testimonials, distributing the testimonials from their website Content Management System to their Facebook Brand Page. There are several strategic reasons to take this approach. First, current testimonials remind Facebook fans that Synergy continues to successfully serve the community. And second, an Internet search for Synergy may land potential patients at the Synergy Facebook page, diverting users from finding the Synergy website.


Once we completed the rebranding and established the blueprint for the website and the Facebook page, we started actually designing the online and print materials for Synergy. We specifically designed the brand with the horizontal rainbow of color to further utilize this branding element for all of the new branded products. The website, the business card, and the office sign all use this rainbow of color as a branding device.


The story of our contribution to the Synergy project, although it is some of our best design and branding work, is really about the strategy. With the strategy we created for their products and their content, Synergy can utilize the technology driving their online presence for years to come. Please view the live Synergy website.


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Apr 5, 2011
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