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Friends Help Friends Throw a Party: This is Chetstock!

When an old friend from school invited us to an outdoor summer party with live music, gourmet grilling, and a wide variety of alcohol, we thought we could help him make the party an Event!


Chetstock – Our Contribution

Chet and his wife Tracy were very open to our idea of super-sizing their party and bringing the Event online. Together with other friends, we quickly decided on the name “Chetstock”. We immediately bought the domain and created a Facebook Brand Page, we then began designing the Chetstock logo and helping Chet refine the details of the party, including the bands. With the help of other friends, we began promoting the event on Facebook, linking to a custom tab on the Chetstock Brand Page in the style of a large movie poster. Once all the details of the event were in place, we devised a fun, creative way to promote the event on Facebook – we gave out “Golden Tickets” to Chetstock.


Chetstock – Project Gallery


Once the new creative was produced, we posted a more sophisticated tab on the Facebook page. That new tab page had links to the basics of the event, to custom Chetstock t-shirts & mugs in the “Zazzle” store, and a link to “The Winners” of the Golden Tickets, and how to win. Every few days we would announce another winner on Facebook, and add their picture to the “The Winners” section, allowing visitors to also click on the faces of the previous winners to view them as well.


The Current Chetstock Facebook Brand Page – (Link)
Overall we thought it was a huge success, and we will be there next year to help Chet plan and celebrate! You encourage you to take a look at the last thing we did for Chetstock, the Official Chetstock 2010 Photo Gallery, the photo captions tell the story of the day and night, from start to finish on every photo.


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Mar 19, 2011
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