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This is a historical version of our website, documenting the projects we created for our clients from 2000 to 2012. Please visit for more current information about our studio. Thanks :)
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We Offer a Menu of Services to Expand Your Brand

We take each client through our process to determine which service can best help their company. We’ll guide you through the entire journey, from the opening strategy, to the final launch.


Whether you're just opening your business, just getting online, or looking to expand your company's internet presence, our team can develop a custom solution to meet your needs and business goals. Please explore our process and our full suite of services below, with links to specific pages that go into more detailed explanations.


Developing Your Strategy
At the onset of every project, we conduct a kickoff meeting with our clients to establish goals, priorities, target audiences, current brand identity, future brand needs, and functional requirements. We then compile the answers to these questions and determine the best strategy to help your company. We'll work with you to define the type(s) of deliverable(s) needed to market your brand (e.g. Facebook Application, Website, etc.) and grow your business. We then prepare a detailed project plan letting you know when your deliverables will launch, and exactly what we need from you and when. After years of experience helping to create successful online campaigns, we're confident we can help any company develop ideas into deliverables.


Projecting Your Brand
Your brand is your personality to the world - and it needs friends. Does your brand have a winning personality? Whether you have an existing brand, one that needs some new energy, or no brand at all, we can help you. We will guide you through the process of branding your company successfully in the new social media-verse. Part of that process is understanding your business and your goals. With that knowledge, we then develop a strategy to reach those goals. And the cornerstone of that effort is the brand. We present and project your company's brand and personality to best achieve success for your company. To learn more about our Creative Design and Branding Capabilities, click here.


Building Your Social Media-verse
Social media and mobile devices have changed the online world forever. People and businesses now have a direct communication line into the daily lives of those who have common interests (Facebook friend, Twitter follower, etc). And they share or tweet photos, websites, videos, and links billions of times a day. Wait there's more! The more people share something, the more likely it is being introduced to a new audience. This is the Network Effect - every one of your customer's friends or followers is another potential customer. This is Social Media.


Our studio understands how to harness the power of social media for your business. We know how to start and nuture customer relationships, to engage new customers, and how to identify and reward valuable existing customers. Whether your business relies on periodic communication with your customers, or constant engagement which solicits feedback, we can help develop a product and content strategy for you. To learn more about our Social Media Capabilities, click here.
The Product Strategy — Are your customers a younger demographic, more likely to be on Twitter? Are they more technically savvy, and more likely to install and use a Facebook Application? Does your restaurant have a detailed story which is better told on a full blown Website than a Facebook Brand Page? We help you decide your product strategy, and how best to deliver your content to your audience, allowing them to share it with their friends and followers.


We specialize in building: Websites with Facebook Integration (login, comments, like buttons, etc), Websites with Twitter Integration, Websites that look great on Mobile Devices, Facebook Brand Pages with Custom Content, Twitter Conversations, Easy Website Hosting & Maintenance, and we're also available for custom Facebook Application & Mobile Application Development.
The Content Strategy — A successful content strategy not only promotes your products, but also engages the customer in a social relationship. For example, a bar might promote their nightly events, but also give their customers recipes for a great martini or a pitcher of homemade sangria. A Hair Salon might promote a discount for highlights, but also have their Colorists give tips on which products work best and why. We can help you brainstorm ideas for your content strategy, making sure it works hand-in-hand with your product strategy, and is easily sharable by your customers to their friends and followers.


Our Content capabilities include: Information Architecture, Branding Integration, Creative Design, Illustration, Copy Writing, Photography & Photo Shoots, Video Shooting & Editing, Technical Development, Managing User Review Sites & Content, and Social Media
The Advertising Strategy — Sustaining an ongoing dialog with your consumers can sometimes be challenging enough... but how do you even get them into the conversation? We design marketing campaigns to drive traffic to your online properties, identifying & targeting your consumers & potetial consumers.


Our Advertising capabilities include: Web Banners & Facebook Banners promoting your website, Facebook Brand Page, Search Engine Optimization, Email campaigns to drive traffic, and Print Pieces to promote events or website offers.


Deploying Your Technology (Easily)
We understand technology can intimidate folks who are not geeks like us. For that reason, we use a suite of tools that allow business owners to easily create, update and maintain content; monitor the performance of their online marketing campaigns; interact directly with consumers; and schedule automatic content updates to multiple social media platforms. We will train you and your team on how to use these tools, and also provide detailed online help documentation.


Our technology toolbox contains the following components that are ready for you to use today: Content Management System, Advertising & Social Media Campaign Management & Performance Monitoring, Email Management, and Content Distribution. To learn more about our Technical Capabilities, Tools, & Analytics, click here.



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