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There’s No Way to See Who’s Stalking or Unfriending You

This comes up quite often, usually a virus. There’s absolutely, positively no way anyone except Facebook themselves can tell you who’s viewed your profile or unfriended you. Please, trust us.


As Tempting as it is, don’t click it!

We’re sure Facebook has this data locked down for good reason. Even with all the tools at a developer’s disposal, the ONLY way you’d be able to see who viewed your profile or unfriended you is if the “viewer” or “unfriender” authorized an application allowing you to see the actions they take on Facebook (or, again, if Facebook themselves provided this collection of data). So, if you have a stalker or frenemy out there, chances are they’re not going to authorize an app that will let you know what they’re up to. Although, some people are a bit clueless :) .


We wish we could pull page view data for our clients, but the best info we can grab as developers is anonymous. Meaning, you can see the number of times your brand page (not your regular Facebook page) was viewed during any given time frame. You just can’t see who viewed it. The same is true for Places Check-Ins. If you’re not friends with a person who’s checked-in to a place, you won’t see their name. However, their check-in will be added to the viewable “check-in total” for the establishment. Again, this is even with developer tools.


When these scams surface, all it takes is a handful of people to fall for it and they spread like wild fire. Gotta love social media, but please don’t get scammed!


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Mar 10, 2011
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