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Our Systems Distribute The Michigan Pub’s Calendar Of Events

The Pub automatically publishes News and Events to three distinct Platforms, powered by a Content Management System, a Content Distribution System, and our custom Facebook application.


The Michigan Pub – Our Contribution

The first step was deciding which Platforms would attract potential customers. We worked with The Pub, agreeing on a new website, a new Facebook Brand Page, a new Facebook Application, and a new Twitter feed. We would automate the publishing of The Pub’s content across all of these new properties. The next step was the technical solutions.


Our first solution for The Michigan Pub was the Content Management System (CMS), powered by WordPress. WordPress allows The Michigan Pub to easily add or edit content. Our second technology solution for The Pub was our custom Calendering Software that allows The Pub to create recurring Events, special Events, and also allows Facebook users to create their own Events on The Michigan Pub calendar. The third piece of our solution for The Pub was the Content Distribution System, which is made up of various XML and RSS technologies. This allows The Michigan Pub to create a new post to their website or a new Event in their calendar, and have that content automatically distributed to all the other Platforms.


The Michigan Pub – Project Gallery


Once the strategy and technology were defined, we focused on designing the branding and the user experience for the various web properties that represent The Michigan Pub. We started with the website, spending many, many hours photographing The Pub, compositing images, and detailing illustrations to recreate the interior of The Michigan Pub. We then repurposed the website interface designs and branding solutions for the other web properties and platforms. We’d like to point out some specific features for each web property, and how they are being used by The Michigan Pub.


The Michigan Pub Website – (Link)
The website features the Calendar of Events for The Pub. The calendar details daily drink discounts, live music Events, sporting Events, and special Events. Viewing the details of each Event also allows visitors the ability to use the Facebook application with a simple click. The Facebook application empowers users to RSVP to Events and invite their Facebook friends, with both actions will promote the Event via the Facebook Newsfeed for The Pub. Additionally, their website is also fully integrated with Facebook, users can “Like” and comment on specific pages and Events. The website also features a News blog, photo galleries, a full listing of all the beers available, a full listing of all the appetizers and entrees served at The Pub, and the full list of bartenders at The Pub. All of this content is fully and quickly editable by The Michigan Pub.


The Michigan Pub Facebook Brand Page – (Link)
The Michigan Pub Facebook Brand Page is part of the Content Distribution strategy. The new Events and blog posts created by The Pub get published to the Facebook Brand Page automatically, creating a view of current news and Events. We also created a custom tab for the Facebook page. This tab lists The Pub’s Events for the next seven days, creating a view of the future events. Most of these updates highlight The Pub’s daily Events with a link to the Facebook Application so users never actually leave Facebook. The Facebook page also features photo galleries our studio helped to shoot and organize. Together, these Facebook page features help to promote The Pub to potentially new customers as fans of The Pub promote and share with their friends.


The Michigan Pub Facebook Application – (Now Offline)
The Michigan Pub Facebook Application is also part of the Content Distribution strategy – it basically creates The Pub’s website calendar functionality, and replicates the website’s calendar data. One of the main reasons to create this functionality is to offer The Pub’s Facebook users the convenience of never having to leave Facebook to interact with The Pub’s calendar. Additionally, when a user installs the Facebook Application, they can create their own Events at The Pub and invite friends over and over again. The other benefits of the Facebook Application is to gain statistical usage data, track customer loyalty, and have another potential communication avenue (email address).


The Michigan Pub Twitter Feed – (Link)
The Michigan Pub Twitter feed is also contributing to the content strategy. Twitter followers can track incoming tweets from The Pub and learn about their calendar of Events. The goal of The Pub’s Twitter feed is also long-term, in the future The Pub will be using Twitter for promotions, contests, and giveaways.


The Pub’s three distinct Platforms (Website, Facebook Page & App, & Twitter Feed) work together to drive traffic to each other, and separately to help promote the brand and the daily Events held at The Pub. The Michigan Pub also is utilizing mobile devices by tracking “Check-Ins” on The Pub’s calendar and Facebook page, while also running Facebook “Deals” via mobile devices. The Michigan Pub was a challenging but fun project, and they are just getting started to use the tools our studio built for them. We are excited to continue helping and working with them.


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Mar 20, 2011
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