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We’re Getting The Band Back Together – This Is Uncle Yellow

Our Creative Director has an interesting hobby – he is the drummer for the band Uncle Yellow. With the band already equipped with a great name, our studio set out to create a great brand.


Uncle Yellow – Our Contribution

Uncle Yellow is a hard rock band, with all of the members in their mid to late 40s. When Tom was asked to join the band, it was just getting started, but the name was already in place. We thought the name of the band was perfect. Uncle Yellow. It implied the age of the band instantly, while conveying a specific personality type left to your imagination. It also added a level of comedic value, it was intended to not take itself too seriously. We tried to design the brand to match. We eventually created a character that was both evil and cartoonish. An old balding man with such an intense stare in his eyes, that is was instantly very menacing and hilarious.


Uncle Yellow – Project Gallery


The Uncle Yellow logo was started from the band’s original sketch of a stylized happy face with text around a circle. It was created in Adobe Illustrator with mathematical vectors, allowing us to scale the logo infinitely. When we changed the design from a simple face on a circle to a silhouette of a one-color head with just glowing eyes, everything started to fall into place. We were able to keep the perfectly circular head which helped keep the cartoonish look we wanted, while also grounding our overall design in basic, appealing geometric forms. The Uncle Yellow typeface was chosen to match the overall feel of the brand. The font is thick, bold, and in your face, and also added to the cartoonish feel. When we added the outer circle to the design, it brought the entire design together. Finally, we scaled the typeface and the character’s balding hair around the circle, placing the font at the top and bottom, and the balding hair in the middle – a perfect fit.


While we think the Uncle Yellow brand represents the perfect juxtaposition of organic and geometric shapes, it’s flexibility is the benefit we love most. Uncle Yellow might be the logo of an aging hard rock band, but it could be the brand of a new Superhero, or new comedy TV show.


The Uncle Yellow Website – (Link)
With the brand complete and approved by the rest of the band, we went to work on the website. We designed the site to focus on video of the band. Our studio has a full video and audio editing suite and shot, edited, and processed the videos for viewing on the website. We created branding graphics of Uncle Yellow and the various venues. We also created title graphics, sometimes of songs, sometimes of special announcements. Photos from the performances were also placed in the videos to break up the live shots. We also placed these videos on the Uncle Yellow Facebook Brand Page, which we also created and managed for the band.


The Uncle Yellow Facebook Brand Page – (Link)
Uncle Yellow also needed a way to promote their upcoming shows. Although Facebook was ideal for this, our studio also created high-resolution print pieces to reach potential fans not on Facebook. We produced original illustrations, highlighting the band and the venue. Sometimes these were often 11″ x 17″ posters, or 2″ x 3.5″ business card sized coupons.


Uncle Yellow is an ongoing hobby, but so far it has been a fun ride, and a fun brand to create and support. Please feel free to view the Uncle Yellow website.


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Mar 16, 2011
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