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This is a historical version of our website, documenting the projects we created for our clients from 2000 to 2012. Please visit for more current information about our studio. Thanks :)
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We Develop Technology That Engages Consumers

We follow the latest online trends, marketing campaigns, and what gets results. Technology is often a pivotal part of any success, and we have a passionate understanding of these tools.


We continuously strive to improve upon our existing technologies, leveraging the best tools available, and sometimes creating our own tools and technologies along the way. We're experts in HTML 5, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, XML, Flash, PHP, MYSQL, Facebook SDKs & APIs, WordPress, RSS, and more. Using our technical skills & knowledge of the industry, we continue to refine our process that helps you manage and distribute your content across multiple social media platforms - right now.


Content Management System (CMS)
A content management system (CMS) is software that makes it easy for non-technical folks to create and manage website content. With a CMS, you have the ability to create your own web pages - whenever you want - without help from your technical team. We'll build your website on top of a state-of-the-art, free CMS. We'll teach you how to manage your content, and provide you with a robust online help manual that will allow you to update and maintain the site for years to come.


Content Distribution
Depending on your business needs, you may interact with audiences across multiple Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, your own website, Mobile, and more. Updating each site with your unique message could be a full time job in itself, and we understand you have plenty of other work to do. With that in mind, we've developed tools that automatically push your messages to multiple sites at once - saving you time and allowing you to communicate with your target audiences across multiple platforms. We also have the ability to create messages in advance, and execute a time-based push. This ensures message consistency, reduces errors and allows you to focus on running your business instead of managing your online presence.


Utilizing Email and Email Campaigns
Our studio has been utilizing the power of email for almost 20 years. Whether deploying a simple contact form for your website or a full blown email marketing campaign, our studio has the experience to help you accomplish your goals. We've also developed & created online reservation systems for restaurants, processes for capturing customer reviews online, graphical Holiday e-cards, Newsletters either embedded in email or linked to a website, all done with email. Additionally, we can work with your existing email list, customer database, or help you create your mailing list from scratch.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
We ensure your site is submitted to all the top search engines. We work with you to choose the relevant search terms (keywords) that describe your business, greatly enhancing the likelihood of your company appearing in the search results of major search engines. We make sure the content of your website is accurately described using these search terms (keywords), and that the website is correctly optimized to meet all the search engine's specifications. Taking the time to embrace SEO can make a dramatic difference in how your customers find you online.


Analytics & Optimization
We believe it's critical to measure the results of your online marketing efforts and incorporate revisions based on the data to increase your online success. We'll work with you to monitor everything from responses to your Facebook brand page content, your website traffic and number of "likes" or "comments", your Facebook application usage, your banner campaign click through rates, and how your site ranks on the top search engines. There's always something to be learned and improved upon based on how users react to and interact with your content.


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Mar 1, 2011
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