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A & J’s Brand, Website, & Facebook Page Gets A Striking & Professional Re-Design

A & J Landscape Design already had a logo, website, & photos. Our studio redesigned their branding & focused their website & Facebook Page on their strengths, photos of their great work.


A & J Landscape Design – Our Contribution

Our first challenge was the branding strategy, and convincing A & J that their branding, their logo, needed to be more modern and flexible for today’s multiple media uses. We also realized Landscaping is a highly competitive industry, often thought of as a commodity. We suggested the creation of a tagline that would always be represented next to the brand, a tagline that would summarize and romanticize A & J’s services. After working with A & J, we had a new tagline, “We Design, Build, & Maintain The Landscapes of Your Life”, and an improved branding stamp that could be used on any media and printed at any size (resolution independent). Our next challenge we be developing the online strategy for the company.


A & J Landscape Design – Project Gallery


The Online Strategy – A & J Landscape Design
Our studio has an in-depth interview process, taking into account our client’s customer demographics, existing assets, and the desired path for their company’s future. In talking with A & J, it became clear they had three strategic advantages working in their favor. First, they had amassed a large ‘before & after’ photo gallery of their previous landscaping projects. Second, they were listed on many online service directories (Yelp, Angie’s List, etc). And third, they had great relationships with their clients, some going back years. We decided the online strategy for A & J would focus primarily on the great visual story the project photos provided, using them throughout the website and Facebook Page. Secondarily, we would gather and highlight client testimonials with their own section of the website. We would also highlight the ability for potential clients to ‘verify’ A & J by linking to their various online directory listings (Better Business Bureau, Service Magic, Yelp, Angie’s List). The next challenge would be the execution.


The Technology – A & J Landscape Design Website – (Link)
The A & J website is powered by a modern content management system (CMS), which allows our studio or A & J to update their website from anywhere in the world, including a mobile device. This is essential to the strategy of focusing on the Photo Gallery and Client Testimonials. The listings in both these sections are dynamically generated from the content database, and are meant to grow over time, with more photos of current Projects being added, and more happy customers added to the Client Testimonials. However, the Photo Gallery was a main area of our focus. We resized, cropped, and enhanced every photo, with the ability to click to enlarge the photos to match the size of the device being used. This allows A & J to take a tablet device on a sales call and walk through ‘before & after’ photos of various projects for potential clients, a very powerful sales tool! We finished up the technology with a custom Contact form, which allows A & J to tract where the customer leads are being generated.


The Design – A & J Landscape Design Website – (Link)
The A & J website was purposefully designed to feel elegantly professional, but strikingly simple to visually scan and interpret. A & J’s clients are highly diverse, and the design takes that into account, appealing to every age group. However, by adding the landscape-themed background image at the top, the website possesses a sophisticated sense of depth and substance, with multiple layers of visual information. Additionally, by using the same shapes and colors found in the newly designed branding, we created and reinforced a unified design language throughout the website. We also implemented the photos throughout the website, and using a consistent sizing strategy also reinforces the unified design language. To make the initial visit to the website more visually dynamic, we animated four photos on the home page adding text that represents the main areas of service for A & J. As stated above, we resized, cropped, and enhanced every photo from A & J’s large historical photo library. We also reworked almost all of the copy and text on the website, and we worked with A & J to write all of the detailed Photo Gallery descriptions from scratch.


The A & J Landscape Design Facebook Page – (Link)
We created the A & J Facebook Page, starting with the large cover photo we reinterpreted the branding layout to work with available dimensions. We then repurposed the beautiful Photo Galleries from the website onto the Facebook Page. We did this to ensure that potential customers, whether visiting the Facebook Page first or the website first, would experience the great work of A & J visually.


The A & J Landscape Design Business Card
The new business cards for A & J utilizes the new branding from the logo redesign, the new tagline we created, and the main imagery of the website redesign. A colorful, memorable business card that matches every aspect of the new A & J brand found online.



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Oct 22, 2012
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