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We Create and Build Social Media for Small Business

People and devices are more mobile than ever. Content and data are more portable than ever. These tools are available to businesses, today. We help small business connect to their tribe.


A Meeting Place, A Sharing Space
The ability to communicate with anyone in the world, in real-time, 24 hours a day, is now the reality. The Social Media services of today (Facebook, Twitter, and more) give all of us a place to "virtually congregate" - a meeting place and sharing space. The opportunity for small business to start and nurture relationships, to engage new customers, to identify and reward valuable customers is unprecedented.


We create and build social media for small business by relying on almost 40 combined years in the digital industry where we create campaigns that reach your target audience and encourage a conversation. We help you build relationships that grow your business. using proven technologies and the most popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, & more). In the examples below, we showcase some of our past work as we illustrate the use of a few high-level components that typically make up a social media campaign (click the images & links below to view the live work in a new browser window).


Facebook Connected Websites

Allowing Facebook users to comment on and "like" your website content makes your site viral. Every "like" and comment made on your website will appear in the News Feed to your Facebook users' friends - potentially increasing traffic to your site and your customer base. Additionally, setting up a part of your site to be imported into your Facebook Brand Page or Facebook application is also a method of connecting your website to Facebook. Implementing Facebook on your site offers great opportunity, and has numerous creative possibilities. Here are some of the Facebook connected websites we've created…


The Synergy Site connects patient testimonials from the website to their Facebook Page.
The Michigan Pub Site is using Facebook to display the event details from their Facebook app.
The Mike's Place Site is using Facebook to display "Like" and "Send" buttons.
The The Salad House by Cioffi's Site is using Facebook to display "Like" and "Send" buttons.


Traditional Websites

When potential customers want to research your business, they'll first seek out your website. We build engaging websites that convey your brand strategy, marketing messages and services for both information seekers and your existing customers. We create custom content and imagery for your site, as well as provide hosting and maintenance plans. We ensure your site is submitted to and crawled by the top search engines like Google. We also offer a robust Content Management System or CMS, which allows you, or anyone you designate, to add, edit and delete website content easily. Here are some traditional Websites we've created…


The A & J Landscape Design Site has a classic design and pages of individual photo galleries.
The Closet Drape Site has great animation that helps easily explain hard to describe product.
The J.A.B. Site is as simple as a website gets, but makes a professional impression.
The Uncle Yellow Site features lots of videos we shot, editing the audio, video, and graphics.
The Gilad Vaday Site is a memorial to a fallen friend, we proudly created the site & the video.
The Sea Mountain Site highlights a rental property in Hawaii, don't miss the "Photos" section.


Facebook Brand Pages

A Facebook Brand Page (for businesses) is not the same as a Facebook Profile (for people). A Brand Page can have multiple administrators, custom links or tabs, and can be linked to a physical address when users check-in using Facebook Places or redeem a coupon using Facebook Deals. We work with you to design a page that reflects your brand's personality, promotes your products or services, and encourages user-generated content. Depending on your type of business, we will create a marketing plan to gain "page likes" and "shares". We'll also devise a strategy, depending on your business, to keep the page content fresh and engaging which may include planned status updates, photos, videos, custom page tabs and more. As mentioned previously, we may also recommend Facebook Check-In Deals to acquire new customers or reward your existing client base. Here are some of the Facebook Brand Pages we've created...


The A & J Landscape Design Page features a number of photo galleries.
The Michigan Pub Page features upcoming events from the calendaring software we developed.
The Synergy Page features a list of current patient testimonials from the we site we created.
The The Salad House by Cioffi's Page also features a number of photo galleries.
The Mike's Place Page also features a number of photo galleries.
The Uncle Yellow Page features a number of videos that we shot, edited, and polished.
The Chetstock Page features photo captions to tell the story of the event from start to finish.


Facebook Applications

Facebook's most recent statistics report their users install 20 million applications every day (Mafia Wars or Scrabble, for example). Facebook apps are viral and allow you to communicate more with your target audience (and their friends) than you can on a Brand Page alone. Facebook applications must ask for and receive permission from users to access their basic Facebook user information, but application creators can ask for more, a birthdate or an email address, for example. This allows developers and businesses to learn more about their users and potentially contact them outside of Facebook, through email etc. A Facebook application can also be integrated with your website and/or your Facebook Brand Page, allowing any content users create in any of these components (a photo for example) to be displayed in any of the other three components. Here are some of the Facebook Applications we've created...


The Michigan Pub Calender of Events (now offline) is a Facebook application and was created as an integrated social media campaign, with the calender supplying data to The Michigan Pub Facebook Integrated Website, Facebook Brand Page, and their Twitter Feed.


Twitter Account & Feed

In September 2010, Twitter announced it has over 145 million users worldwide. That number is a lot closer to 200 million by now. Twitter users share a wide variety of content in the 140 character allotment, including photos, news stories, and videos. Depending on your business and your clientele, we can help you setup an account, ensure your relevant content is tweeted and develop a plan to gain followers. We can display your Twitter feed on your website, in your Facebook Brand Page, or your Facebook application. We can also systematically import content into your Twitter Feed from your website or anywhere else. Here are some of the Twitter accounts we've setup...


The Michigan Pub tweets their upcoming events daily, the process is fully automated.
Santoriello Studios tweets occasionally about Social Media, Digital Marketing, Digital Design, & anything of interest online… follow us :)


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